Custom-made Chocolate maker

Your customizedchocolate

We can create a special offer exclusively for you

Chocolate Manufacturing with your style

Whether you are a gourmet brand or a specialized distributor you may need specific chocolates recipes.
Customers of great renown and of any size, big players or not in the chocolate world, regularly entrust us their projects.

The variety of the markets and channels, in which you work, require a custom-made solution, which Maison SCHAAL can offer you . 

For you, we can create a unique delicacy in mixing:

  • Particularity of a chocolate (origin, % of cocoa…)
  • Ingredients (fruits, dried fruits, nuts, cereals, ….) in the fillling or as a topping
  • Adapted shape (bonbons, bars, molding, …)
  • Specific packaging (bulk, gift boxes, bags, doypacks, …)

For low required minimum . 

Maison SCHAAL’s expertise is in the real ability to offer you flexible and respectful offers of  your distribution channel.

Our teams will search in total collaboration with you the best products,  that match both your content and containing.  

Which types of chocolates would you to sell? Under which packaging ? With which certification labels ?
Many points on which Maison SCHAAL accompanies you as Chocolatier des Chocolatiers.

Made to measure packaging

Packaging is something not to neglect, due to its major role for your clients. It is used not only to present your product in an aesthetic and qualitative way but also to protect chocolate from the cold, the heat and especially the loss of flavor.

From the standard chocolate packaging to the most original, we offer you any packaging solutions.

Discover an example of our personalized packaging range for your chocolates with our rigid gift box, various gift boxes and many transparent boxes which we  could adapt to your needs. 

Did you know ?  The Maison SCHAAL also works together with disabled workshops from the region. They are used for a part of repackaging for example. 

Your satisfaction,the Chocolatier of Chocolatiers SCHAAL’s priority

Your chocolate project, our priority

With well-defined methods and a real commitment to your requests, we take into account your stakes and your needs :

  • Quality
  • Exportability
  • Packaging

To ensure the success of your future chocolate offer, Maison SCHAAL relies on a versatile team. Listening and the force of proposal, it is able to meet your requests with professionalism and enthusiasm.

From the first step, your challenges are taken into account. We determinate together the products you want to sell, the quantities and the markets you target. Finally, we define the deadlines from the beginning and we meet them.

The second step will give you a custom-made advice on a lot of aspects, such as the choice of couvertures, the ingredients or the decoration for example.

The next step is to study the feasibility of the products in terms of taste and packaging with possibility to make tasting tests.

« To Taste, to compare, to evaluate to improve, this is the permanent will of our multi-disciplinary and expert team in chocolate.»


The Chocolatier of Chocolatiers IFS certified

In order to satisfy its customers, the Maison SCHAAL is IFS (International Featured Standard) certified with the highest level of certification
This certification allows to Maison SCHAAL to be recognized as a first range actor in the conception and production of chocolate recipes.
The IFS label now enjoys real credibility in many demanding countries in terms of quality and food security in the image of France or Japan for example.

The Chocolatier of Chocolatiers certified ORGANIC

Schaal Chocolatier is pleased to be able to offer organic chocolate sweets, dragées and tablets, always made from Ecuadorian beans.

The plantation where our cocoa beans come from is RAINFOREST ALLIANCE LABELLED

The Maison SCHAAL also collaborates with RAINFOREST ALLIANCE. 

RAINFOREST ALLIANCE is one of the main certification program of sustainability in the world, which is dedicated to the farmers, who are producing coffee, cocoa and tea. This label includes more than hundred points of control that allows to work towards a production & respectful model

Among all the criteria registered by RAINFOREST Alliance label, here are few of the most significant for us : 

  • The plots, where the raw materials come from, are classified as agricultural and there is no conflict with the local communities (farmland is not monopolized).
  • Forest conservation : no deforestation of primary forest since 2008. 
  • The work of minors is absolutely forbidden and all the minors who live with their parents on the plantation are in school. 
  • The workers benefit from trainings regarding their rights, the environment, the working conditions, the agricultural ways. 
  • Combating climate change.. 

The RAINFOREST ALLIANCE traceability system warranties over and above that the raw materials are really cultivated and harvested in a responsible way.