The thousand and one flavors of the SCHAAL chocolates

The SCHAAL chocolatier,serving artisan chocolate-makerssince 1871

A variety of recipes, shapes and tastes of chocolates

Chocolate bonbons/ pralines, coated chocolates, Easter hollows, chocolate liquor, chocolate bars, napolitains, Gourmet snacking…. Every taste for every one.

As chocolatier des chocolatiers, Maison SCHAAL offers you the best solutions. Thus you have a unique wide & advantageous chocolate offer in your sales areas. All these creations have been made thanks to the high technicality of manufacture.

By trusting Maison SCHAAL for the manufacture of your chocolates, you entrust your offer to an expert team recognized for its seriousness and commitment since 1871.

It is located in the heart of our Geispolsheim’s site, near Strasbourg, our team works every day to realize our prestigious chocolates for our demanding customers. We use cocoas of couverture and high quality selected ingredients, which are well-known and sourced from our own cocoa plantation.

Production of manytypes of chocolates in bulk


Recognized for its huge choice of ganaches and of old-style Pralinés, which have made the happiness of several generations, Maison SCHAAL offers Chocolate bonbons among the best of the market.

Coated chocolates

Hazelnuts, almonds, cereals, fruits, all these ingredients are selected with a great care and magnified by our team in big turbines, with a manual Know & savory recipes.

To be at your sides during Christmas, Easter and all big occasions

With its iconic hollow mouldings, using dark, milk or white chocolate couvertures, the Maison SCHAAL is able to best meet all your important events like Chistmas and Easter.


Dealers of chocolates as well as coffee owners, hoteliers, restaurateurs could benefit from the first choice regarding Napolitains

Others delicacies

The gourmet boutiques in search of delicacies such as spread paste or chocolate liquor (Armagnac, Kirsch, Whisky, Pear william, etc) will have a large choice among an incredibly generous offer.

A wide made to measure variety of solutions at your disposal

All these delicacies are available in adapted packaging. The chocolates are available in bulk or in other kind of packaging, such as gift boxes, to allow to each reseller of chocolates to offer the most appropriated solution.

« SCHAAL, Chocolatier des Chocolatiers since 1871, commit itself to manufacture high quality chocolates along its well defined manufacturing process in order to meet its customer requests. »