The SCHAAL quality department a recognized expertise

The Schaal quality,an expertise which has proven itself

a HIGH LEVEL expertise

The Maison SCHAAL, mens at service of chocolate since 1871.
Thanks to our control of the process from the cocoa plantation in Ecuador and our authentic Know-How transmitted by its chocolate makers, we give birth to original & delicious creations.
Keeper since 1871 of original recipes as the praline in old tradition style and the creators of original chocolates as its prestigious ganache, the Maison SCHAAL prioritizes the ingredients of character.

As a professional, you wish to evaluate the quality of our chocolates ?

A key word chairs at the elaboration of the chocolates and Schaal pralines: the requirement. A long time ago the motto of the founder, and today the integral part of the quality approach of the company. It aims the tasting satisfaction of consumer and is involved at the selection of the ingredients.

Each raw material is related to a strict specification in order to meet the quality criteria of the House. Without any vegetable fat, SCHAAL exclusively uses pure cocoa butter in the manufacturing of its couvertures. For its fillings, our worshops focus on the ingredients with a famous origin, as the Piemont Hazelnuts, which benefits from an ideal micro-climate, or the Avola almond, which draws its unique taste from the always sun-soaked sicilian terroir.

Schaal Chocolatier has kept the best traditional ways for its own manufacturing process – copper cauldron for the praliné in old tradition style, the granite mixer for the ganache, the copper turbines for the coated chocolates and sugar coated chocolates, all in equiping itself with very modern and efficient tools to warranty the highest quality. With a perfection concern, pastry and chocolatiers realize quality controls at each process step. They also work the finished by hand to warranty very fine chocolates.

Example of flavor profile


Texture with the knife as well as in the mouth are very firm & crunchy.

The whole melts moderately in the mouth and little smooth. It leaves a little fat feeling at the end of the mouth. Its taste is rather intense in cocoa, with a tendency rather well chocolate, well balanced in sugar, which is weakly felt. Bitterness is therefore variably felt by the judges. Added notes of grilled and dried fruits intense or very intense. This set has a nice length at the end of the mouth.